Travel in Kenya

Bargaining at the Market
Don't settle for those inflated prices. Learn to bargain those prices down here.

Drought in Kenya
Rationed water. Limited fuel. Food is getting scarce. Even electricity is rationed.

Keeping Safe In Kenya
Women can be at a disadvantage in Kenya. Keep yourself safe by knowing the culture you are visiting.

Lonely Planet's Kenya
Looking for a great travel guidebook? Look no further than here!

Nairobi Hot Spots
Take in some Nairobi nightlife with this list of discos!

Nairobi Nairobi Nairobi!
Here's an overview of the capital of Kenya.

Naivasha Day Trip
Spend some time in Naivasha - Climb Mount Longonot, walk through Hell's Gate!

On Becoming A Minority
Suddenly you are different. People stare at you. Reflections on becoming a minority.

Patience: A Required Virtue
The worst thing about Kenya is waiting. Be sure to pack your patience along with a good long book.

Planes, Trains, Buses, and Speed Taxis
Comfortable transporation does exist!

Riding in a Matatu
Riding in a matatu is always an adventure and there is always room for one more.

Sampling Swahili
Although you do not need to know Swahili to visit Kenya, you may want to learn a few phrases.

Time In Kenya
Telling time in Kenya is a bit different in Kenya if you speak Swahili.

Tourist Information
Travel information for Kenya including embassies, what to see and do, vaccinations, travel warnings and more.

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All Things Kenyan Feeds All Things Kenyan Feeds

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