Education in Kenya

Boy's Dorm Burns
Ruminations on the dormitory fire that killed 58 boys in Machakos, Kenya in March 2001.

Classroom Instruction
Sometimes a planned lesson would take an interesting and unexpected turn in Kenya.

The Challenges of Teaching in Kenya
Teaching in Kenya was a bit of a challenge. I went to Kenya with a teaching certification in high school mathematics. Somehow, I ended up teaching math, English, and physics.

More Teaching Challenges
Paper is a major import for Kenya. Find out how this affected my teaching.

A School Day in Kenya
Getting ready to begin a new school year? Students in Kenya are returning for their third trimester. Kenyan students begin their school year in January and is broken up into three trimesters.

School Discipline
Discipline in the Kenyan school system is vastly different from the US. If you think your school is strict read on.

Terror in the Kenyan Schools
Over the past year and a half many schools have been shut down. What is the cause? Will they reopen?