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Nairobi Hot Spots

Be sure to go to a few discos while you are in Kenya. You’ll find some places with some really great local music and other places that are very gritty. In the cheaper places you may find that a lot of the women there are prostitutes so you’ll want to be careful.

One of the more popular spots is the Florida 2000 located on Moi Ave. The cover charge is around 100 to 200 shillings for men and women pay half of what the men pay. The atmosphere is loud, hot and frantic. If this wears you out you can recharge at the bar.

Wednesday nights at the Simba Saloon (in the Carnivore Café) there is a live band or disco. The cover charge is 200 shillings. The entertainment is decidedly western and is locally known as ‘wazungu’ (foreigner, westerner) night. You may find this type of entertainment more comfortable if you are the more conservative type.

If discos aren’t your thing, there is still plenty of other entertainment venues in Nairobi. You can go see a movie at the Kenya Cinema Plaza (on Moi Ave) or at 20th Century (on Mama Ngina Street). Unlike the cinemas in the United States, the tickets you purchase in Kenya actually assign you to a seat. However, no one checks to see if you are in the correct place.

There are also theatres in Nairobi – Phoenix Players and the Kenya National Theatre. Check the local papers for what is going on at these two venues.

If none of these appeal to you, and you want to take in some night life ask at your hotel. The people working there are sure to know about what is available and can help you out.


Florida 2000 Discotheque One of Nairobi’s most popular discos located at Commerce House on Moi Ave

New Florida aka the Mad House Located at Chai House on Koinange street near Banda street

Simba Saloon Located at the Carnivore Cafe, Langata Road

Cantina Club At Green Corner, Moi Avenue.

Zig Zag On Argwings Kodhek Road – popular with the younger crowd.

Zanze Bar Near Moi Avenue – music plays all night.

Gypsy’s One of the most popular discos located in the Westlands near AGIP Building.

Ngong Hills Hotel (near an Uchumi supermarket) You can find good Kenyan & Tanzanian bands playing here.

La Papa Loca Has good African bands located on Parklands Road.

After Hours Trendy jazz night club located at Village Market.