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Countries of the World: Kenya
A review by your Kenyan Culture host. A nicely done textbook for junior high schoolers.

I Dreamed of Africa
I read I Dreamed of Africa before I saw the movie. Here's what I thought...

Elephant Memories
In this book, you'll learn about the everyday activities of the elephants, how they play, eat, drink, and mate.

Festivals Of Kenya
This book has lots and lots of great photographs and descriptions of traditions. So what's my problem?

Jambo Means Hello
My review of this children's book by Muriel Feelings.

Joshua's Masai Mask
"The only thing Masai or even Kenyan about the book is the Masai mask. I was hoping for more...

Lonely Planet Kenya
Going to Kenya? Which travel guide should you buy? So many to choose from. I have the answer!

The Maneater of Tsavo
Work on the Kenya railroad was brought to a halt when two lions began a feeding frenzy on the railway workers.

Passages - Photographs in Africa
A review by your All Things Kenyan webmistress. Find out what I thought about this oversized coffee table book.

Welcome To Kenya
Welcome to Kenya is part of the Welcome to My Country series published by Gareth Stevens, Inc.

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