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I am a former U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer and currently a stay at home mom with my two girls. My Kenyan experience made a lasting change on my life in the way I view the world and how I raise my children.

In 1992, I joined the U.S. Peace Corps as a math teacher and was whisked to Kenya after three days of briefing in Chicago, Illinois. From the first day and for the next ten weeks I was immersed in Swahili, math, health, and Kenyan culture classes. During those ten weeks of training I stayed with a Kenyan family. Since the family didn't have any running water or electricity, I had to relearn how to do every day things like bathing, cooking, and laundry.

After training, I was sent to my site in Chamasiri village. Chamasiri is roughly 7 km from the Ugandan border. I taught math, physics, and English to secondary (high school) students at Chamasiri Secondary School.

I am currently the African Culture Editor at BellaOnline.com. You can read up to date articles about Kenya and Africa at BellaOnline.com

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The content on AllThingsKenyan.com was written about my experiences in Kenya in the early 1990's therefore some articles may seem out of date. They are left here for historical reasons.

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