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October Holidays in Africa

October 1
National Day Commemorates Nigeria’s independence in 1960.
Celebrated in: Nigeria

October 1
Patriotism Day
Celebrated in: Rwanda

October 2
Independence Day Celebrates Guinea’s independence in 1958 from France.
Celebrated in: Guinea

October 4
Independence Day
Celebrated in: Lesotho

October 6
Armed Forces Day The Egyptian Army crossed the Suez Canal in 1973 during the war against Israel. In 1981, Anwar Sadat was assassinated while watching the Armed Forces Parade.
Celebrated in: Egypt

October 7
Evacuation Day Thousands of Italians were deported on this day is 1970. Also known as Expulsion of the Fascist Settlers Day.
Celebrated in: Libya

October 7
Muslim New Year
Celebrated in: The Gambia

October 9
Independence Day Independent since October 9, 1962.
Celebrated in: Uganda

October 12
Harvest Festival
Celebrated in: Nigeria

October 12
Independence Day Independent since 1968.
Celebrated in: Equatorial Guinea

October 13
Anniversary of Rwagasore’s Assassination Prime minister Prince Louis Rwagasore’s assassination is remembered.
Celebrated in: Burundi

October 15
Evacuation Day
Celebrated in: Tunisia

October 17
Mother’s Day
Celebrated in: Malawi

October 20
Mashujaa Day (Heroes Day) Formerly Kenyatta Day, this day in honor of all the heroes who died fighting for independence.
Celebrated in: Kenya

October 21-22
Revolution Day Commemorates the bloodless revolution of 1969.
Celebrated in: Somalia

October 24
Suez Day Also called Popular Resistance Day. The Egyptian-Israeli cease fire in 1973 restored control of the canal to Egypt.
Celebrated in: Egypt

October 24
Independence Day On this day in 1964 the Instruments of Independence was signed.
Celebrated in: Zambia

October 24
United Nations Day Anniversary of the founding on the United Nations in 1945.
Celebrated in: Swaziland

October 26
Armed Forces Day
Celebrated in: Benin, Rwanda

October 29
Naming Day The United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar officially changed its name to the United Republic of Tanzania on October 29, 1964.
Celebrated in: Tanzania