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November Holidays in Africa

November 1
All Saints Day
Celebrated in: Angola, Burundi, Chad, The Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Togo

November 1
Revolution Day Commemorates the first well coordinated attacks on Nov 1, 1954, begun by the National Liberation Front, against French-operated military installations, public utilities, and communications facilities.
Celebrated in: Algeria

November 5
Thanksgiving Day
Celebrated in: Liberia

November 6
Green March
Celebrated in: Morocco

November 7
Commemoration Day
Celebrated in: Tunisia

November 9
Tree Festival Day Tunisia’s Arbor Day.
Celebrated in: Tunisia

November 11
Independence Day Independent since November 11, 1975.
Celebrated in: Angola

November 11
National Day
Celebrated in: Central African Republic

November 14
Readjustment Movement Day
Celebrated in: Guinea-Bissau

November 19
Liberation Day Anniversary of the bloodless coup in 1968 which removed Modibo Keita from power.
Celebrated in: Mali

November 22
Day of 1970 Invasion
Celebrated in: Guinea

November 27
Anniversary of President Abdallah’s Assassination Ahmed Abdallah, the first president of the Comoros, was assassinated by members of the presidential guard.
Celebrated in: The Comoros

November 28
Independence Day Independent since November 28, 1960.
Celebrated in: Mauritania

November 28
Republic Day Anniversary of the proclamation of the republic in 1958.
Celebrated in: Chad

November 28
President Tubman’s Birthday
Celebrated in: Liberia

November 30
National Day Commemorates the establishment of a Marxist-Leninist state on the anniversary of the day in 1975 when the official name of this country was changed from Dahomey to Benin.
Celebrated in: Benin

November 30
Youth Day
Celebrated in: Burkina Faso

November 30
Anniversary of the Revolution
Celebrated in: Burundi