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July Holidays in Africa

First Monday in July
Heroes’ Day A memorial day for those who died in the independence movement.
Celebrated in: Zambia

First Tuesday in July
Unity Day
Celebrated in: Zambia

Second Monday in July
Reed Dance Day Also called Umhlanga Day.
Celebrated in: Swaziland

July 1
Independence Day Anniversary of sovereignty in 1962.
Celebrated in: Burundi

July 1
Republic Day
Celebrated in: Ghana

July 1
Independence Day Anniversary of independence from Belgium when sovereignty was granted in 1962.
Celebrated in: Rwanda

July 1
Independence Day Anniversary of Southern Somalia (former Italian Somaliland).
Celebrated in: Somalia

July 1
Decentralization Day
Celebrated in: Sudan

July 4
Liberation Day
Celebrated in: Rwanda

July 5
Peace and Unity Day Anniversary of the 1973 coup.
Celebrated in: Rwanda

July 5
Independence Day Cape Verde is a former Portuguese colony which has been independent since July 5, 1975.
Celebrated in: Cape Verde

July 6
Republic Day
Celebrated in: Malawi

July 7
Saba Saba Day Also called Peasants’ Day.
Celebrated in: Tanzania

July 9
Independence Day South Sudan gained their independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011.
Celebrated in: South Sudan

July 12
Independence Day Transitional Government Day. The transitional government was instituted on December 21, 1974.
Celebrated in: São Tomé and Príncipe

July 14
African Community Day Also called Day of Association. A holiday dedicated to African goals and culture.
Celebrated in: Senegal

July 17
King Letsie III’s Birthday
Celebrated in: Lesotho

July 22
King’s Birthday Birthday of the late King Sobhuza.
Celebrated in: Swaziland

July 23
Revolution Day Commemoration of the end of the Egyptian royal government and the establishment of the republic in 1952.
Celebrated in: Egypt, Libya

July 25
Republic Day
Celebrated in: Tunisia

July 26
Independence Day
Celebrated in: Liberia