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August Holidays in Africa

First Monday in August
Farmer’s Day
Celebrated in: Zambia

August 1
Armed Forces Day
Celebrated in: Angola

August 3
Independence Day Anniversary of the 1960 declaration of independence.
Celebrated in: Niger

August 3
Armed Forces Day
Celebrated in: Equatorial Guinea

August 3
Pidjigouti Day
Celebrated in: Guinea-Bissau

August 4
National Day
Celebrated in: Zimbabwe

August 6
August Holiday
Celebrated in: Malawi

August 8
Nane Nane Farmer’s Day
Celebrated in: Tanzania

August 9
National Women’s Day
Celebrated in: South Africa

August 9
Sanusi Army Day Honors Libya security forces.
Celebrated in: Libya

August 11-12
Heroes’ Days On this day in 1984 the Republic of Upper Volta was renamed Burkina Faso.
Celebrated in: Burkina Faso

August 11
Traditional Independence Day Originally celebrated on the anniversary – August 11, but was moved to January 11 to avoid the rainy season.
Celebrated in: Chad

August 13
Independence Day Commemorates independence proclaimed (from France) on August 13, 1960.
Celebrated in: Central African Republic

August 13
Assumption Day Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Celebrated in: The Gambia

August 13
Women’s Day
Celebrated in: Tunisia

August 14
Oued ed-Dahab Day Anniversary of the 1979 annexation.
Celebrated in: Morocco

August 15
Independence Day Anniversary of independence in 1960.
Celebrated in: The Congo

August 15
Constitution Day
Celebrated in: Equatorial Guinea

August 15
Celebrated in: Guinea

August 17
Independence Day Independent since August 17, 1960 (from France).
Celebrated in: Gabon

August 19
Buhe Celebrated by children who sing in front of houses and receive bread in return. The children sing an insulting song for people who do not give them bread. (celebrated on the 20th during leap years)
Celebrated in: Ethiopia

August 24
Flag Day
Celebrated in: Liberia

August 26
Sultan’s Birthday
Celebrated in: Zanzibar, Tanzania

August 26
Heroes’ Day
Celebrated in: Namibia

August 27
Anniversary of Women’s Revolt
Celebrated in: Guinea