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Terror in the Kenyan Schools

Over the past few months I have been reading about ghosts in some secondary schools in Kenya. I thought I’d summarize the hauntings for you.

Kenyan ghosts seem to be quite violent. Ghosts invaded the Gitogo Mixed Secondary School on a Thursday night. They targeted the boys dorm and beat up the students. The next night the ghosts invaded the girls’ dormitory and showered it with stones. The school was closed down. Even the teachers left for fear of these ghosts.

In July 1999, Muthetheni Girls School was closed after the girls were attacked by unknown forces. They claim the demons invaded their dormitory and raped and beat them up.

In another school, Kambaa Girls High School, the girls were attacked by ghosts. The students claim one of the staff members is involved with evil spirits.

At Wang’uru Girls Secondary School the students claim they were terrified by demons appearing as white cats and black snakes. They also made allegations that the head teacher had brought these demons to the school.

In June 2000, parents withdrew their children from Gathigi Primary school alleging the school had been invaded by ghosts. They accused several teachers of encouraging the spirits to invade the school. A cleansing ceremony was held, but ended in confusion when two students collapsed and their parents attacked the onlookers.

In Kitui, two schools were closed due to ghosts attacking students. In one school, the ghosts were strangling students. The parents raised money to hire a witch doctor from Mombasa to exorcise the demons.

Education officials are trying to alleviate the situation. However they are unsure of what to do. Are these claims simply wild imaginations working overtime? Or should they hire a ghost buster?



The education minister and a senior inspector feel touts (known for their rough manners) and drop-outs are partly to blame. They claim these people are growing into a cult that idolizes rock musicians and other drug abusers. They feel the rise in ghost sightings is partly due to the increases use of drugs by school children. The ghosts are drug induced hallucinations. They do feel there is some witchcraft going on and some wicked people are trying to disrupt the schools.

A legislator who went to public school claims someone had bewitched him and feels the invasions are real and Kenyans have to protect themselves by wearing protective charms. To the right are some protective bracelets.

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    PURITY said: ITS TRUE I HAD TO MOVE FROM THAT SKULL COZ OF E GHOSTS said: In my opinion the students face what is called collective hysteria which can only be explained as “ghosts attack” by individuals who can’t give any logical explanation. The hysteria is probably caused by the stress which the students undergo in school, and that explains why it only happens in “poor” schools where students have lots of problems. That is my opinion because I don’t believe in ghost stories.

    Anonymous said: yes thats true in kambaa they call them kababa

    Anonymous said: that scary

    brian said: ghosts are real…maybe they arent…who knows