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Luo Proverbs of Kenya

A child’s lie is like a dead fish in a pond that in the end, always comes to the surface, explains his mother.

A fool is like a wanderer lost on a path.

A friend is like a water source for a long journey.

A friend is someone who walks by your side.

A village without elderly is unhappy.

All cassavas have the same skins but not all taste the same.

Alone a youth runs fast, with an elder slow, but together they go far.

An elder’s handbag is never completely empty.

An eye that you treat is the one that turns against you.

An undecided man is the worst disaster of the village.

Luo Purse

Luo purse made of goatskin, beads, and cowrie shells. The animal figures on the badge of authority symbolize health, longevity, and leadership.

Disease and disasters come and go like rain, but health is like the sun that illuminates the entire village.

Everybody loves a fool, but nobody wants him for a son.

Happiness is like a field you can harvest every season.

He who does not know one thing knows another.

Hunger pushes the hippopotamus out of the water.

If you have a lot, give some of your possessions; if you have little, give some of your heart.

Once the mushroom has sprouted from the earth, there is no turning back.

Termites cause death, damage, and great harm to white ants.

The chief’s wisdom is a mesh of old stories, good and bad.

The earth is not an inheritance of our fathers, nor one for our sons.

The turtle does not suffer when running.

Those who do not listen to the voice of the elderly are like trees without roots.

When a lion roars, he does not catch game.

Wisdom is wealth.

Working in the fields is hard, but hunger is harder.

You cannot wash the stomach.

You do not beat a drum with one finger.

You may laugh at a friend’s roof; don’t laugh at his sleeping accommodation.


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