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John Gathu sent me lyrics from his new song I Will Praise the Lord along with a few audio clips. You will only find this here at All Things Kenyan!

I Will Praise The Lord
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RealAudio© Clip
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I Will Praise The Lord

It never ceases to amaze
The way the world still turns in the same direction
God hasn’t given up
On man and his sinful ways
We read it in His Holy Book
About the instant end to those generations that disobeyed
And turned away from His grace
But He sent His only son to die
Did away with the need for anger
So that every man, and every race
Can bask in His forgiveness

I will praise the Lord
For making every dream of mine come true
He’s made each one of us, a special child
And every day we’re born anew

Do you have a special talent you could share
A gift of God that you keep in hiding
You could wake up and find it gone
Never to be yours again
You could be like a covered candle
That kept out of sight generates no light
Or a fruitless tree, a seed that dies where it’s sown
Lift your youthful voices to the Lord
Let your joyful noises reach His thrones
Every instrument, every complement
Celebrate His ample riches

I will praise the Lord….

I’ll exalt His name
As long as I’m alive and I can sing
Of His amazing love and His majesty
I’ll praise the Lord for everything

I will praise, I will praise, I will praise
(Sing and praise my Lord)….