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Countries of the World: Kenya

Title: Countries of the World: Kenya
Author: Victoria Derr
Publishing Company: Gareth Stevens, Inc.
Number of Pages: 96
Reading Level: Junior High School
Original Publishing Date: 1999

This is a textbook meant for junior high school students.  It covers history, every day life, and current issues facing Kenya.

There are many excellent pictures in this book.  There are pictures on just about every topic – city life, rural life, farming, wildlife, arts and crafts, important political moments, and even some money.  There is a really great picture of a market just outside of Nairobi.  You can see how the women put out their produce to sell.  A lot of the women are wearing khangas around their skirts to keep the dust off their clothing. One women even has an umbrella to keep the hot sun off.

Topics covered in ‘Countries’ include: Geography, History, Government and the Economy, People and Lifestyle, Language and Literature, Arts, Leisure and Festivals, Food, Colonialism, Archeology, The Coast, Safaris, Nairobi, Music, and more.  Each topic is covered in two to four pages with excellent pictures.

A black and white reproducible map of Kenya is in the back of this book. This would make a great book for homeschoolers.

Out of the three Gareth Stevens book on Kenya I’ve reviewed, I like this one the best.

A review copy of Countries of the World: Kenya was sent by the publisher free of charge.