Charities for Kenya

This is a project of the Dupoto Women’s Group to produce beaded products and use the profits for scholarships for girls education, conservation, small business training and sustainable development. At the moment, BEADS is hosting a global campaign called “Break the Chains of Illiteracy – Buy a Key Chain and Keep a Girl in School” and if you go to their web site - all the details are there.

Global Literacy Project
This organization from Rutgers University brings books and other assistance to schools in Kenya including Chamasiri Secondary School the school I taught at as a US Peace Corps volunteer.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
For the protection and preservation of the Black Rhino For Anti-poaching and the Elephant Cause. Lots of up to date information on the black rhino and elephant.

Harambee Schools Kenya
This organization works with rural Kenyan communities to improve educational standards and opportunities.

Kipepeo Butterfly Project
A butterfly farm set up on the grounds of the Gede ruins in Watamu, Kenya. The butterflies help support Kenyan farmers whose crop were ruined by elephants and baboons and preserve these beautiful butterflies.

Lewa Downs Wildlife Conservancy
Dedicated to saving the black rhino in Kenya.

Maasai Education Discovery
The Mission of Maasai Education Discovery is to increase access to education in Kenya, raise the level of education among the Maasai people, enhance their ability to function effectively in the modern world, and achieve this without losing the essential qualities of Maasai culture.

"Nyumbani" (Swahili for "Home"), takes care of abandoned children who are HIV +. Located near Nairobi, Kenya, Nyumbani provides medical help, food, clothing and of course love to children who would be otherwise homeless.

Stop Ivory Trade
Information on the ivory trade ban and why it should not be lifted. There is a form email that you can send to your legislator encouraging him/her to keep the ban on ivory trade.

The Gallmann Memorial Foundation
The Gallmann Memorial Foundation was founded by Kuki Gallmann in 1984 in memory of her late husband and son who both died tragically in Kenya - to prove that the harmonious coexistence of development of natural resources and conservation of the environment and wildlife in Africa is not just a dream.

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