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Masai Proverbs

A bargain cannot be held in the palm of the hand. A blind sheep might chance across rain water. A bull cannot bellow in two places at once. A lie cannot fill the palm. A lion can run faster than…

Gusii Proverbs of Kenya

The bush in which you hide has eyes.  

Bukusu Proverbs of Kenya

A child does not fear treading on dangerous ground until he or she gets hurt.  

Akamba Proverbs of Kenya

A woman’s stomach does not grow if she is not pregnant. All monkeys cannot hang on one branch. An old man doesn’t know what makes him herd again. A big goat does not snort without reason. Despite your bark, you’ll…

Tribes of Kenya

Here is a list of the tribes living in Kenya with alternate spellings. Akamba (Kamba) Boni Boran Elkony Elmolo Embu Gabbra Galla (Oromo) Gikuyu (Kikuyu) Giriama (Giryama) Giryama (Giriama) Gusii (Kisii) Issa (Somali) Iteso (Teso) Kalenjin Kamba (Akamba) Keiyo Kikuyu…

Masai Customs and Traditions

Masai Customs and Traditions

When people speak of Kenya, they also talk about one tribe in particular, the Masai (or Maasai if in Tanzania). The Masai tribe lives on the border on Kenya and Tanzania. There are tours that take you to Masai Mara…

Early Migrations To Kenya

Early Migrations To Kenya

Kenya was not an independent country until 1963 and the name Kenya did not come into use until the 1800’s. A lot was going on in the land that is now Kenya between 500 A.D. and 1600 A.D. People were…