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Kikoys From Kenya

Kikoys From Kenya

A kikoy (or kikoi) is a large cloth heavier than a khanga, but worn in a similar fashion. Normally, Similar cloths are worn much the same way throughout Africa. One such cloth is called a khanga.    

Kalenjin Proverbs of Kenya

A hyena cannot smell its own stench. Do not follow a person who is running away. Even a friend cannot rescue one from old age. The eye is a coward. We add wisdom to knowledge. We should put out fire…

Meru Proverbs of Kenya

An old he-goat does not sneeze for nothing. Bartered grains do not fill up the granary. He has danced topsy-turvy (upside down). He has extracted the bat’s teeth. He has inserted a finger into the anus of the monster. He…

Sukuma Proverbs of Kenya

Those who arrive to the spring first, drink the purest water.  

Tugen Proverbs of Kenya

How easy it is to defeat people who do not kindle fire for themselves.  

Proverbs of Kenya

I’m working to attribute these proverbs to a particular tribe. If you know which tribe the unattributed proverbs come from, please send me some feedback. Asante! A baboon (monkey) laughs at the buttocks of another baboon. A child does not…

Swahili Proverbs of Kenya

Better a curtain hanging motionless than a flag blowing in the wind. Burning charcoal is turned into ashes. Every bird flies with its own wings. Every door has its own key. He who eats another mans food will have his…

Samia Proverbs of Kenya

A dog squats just like its mother. Don’t smile so much at the one serving of food, they’ll serve you with the bones.  

Luo Proverbs of Kenya

Luo Proverbs of Kenya

A child’s lie is like a dead fish in a pond that in the end, always comes to the surface, explains his mother. A fool is like a wanderer lost on a path. A friend is like a water source…

Luhya Proverbs of Kenya

A champion bull starts from birth. A child points out to you the direction and then you find your way. A messenger cannot be beaten. Bad dancing does not break an engagement. Beer that will spoil ferments unequally. Competition exhausted…